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I like look of sketchy realism.. so I had a good look through kaitouace's gallery and other similar artists too.
It took a while to warm up.. but I've been working very hard to get the effect I've attained in my last 5 drawings.

I've been drawing oekakies for.. ages now, last other program I used was Painter Classic and that was a long time ago :D..
It's exciting to be drawing at very high res.. being able to add details I couldn't even attempt before. The flow is also a lot more comfortable.
Eventually I'd like my drawings to look more experimental and abstract. .. :I
or better. haha..

Anyway, give me your pointers.. advice, etc. :)
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now everyone .. huddle up and pretend there's a campfire
also pretend that funny smell isn't my fart


1. Be able to draw (adequately well)
2. If not already studied in the arts of 'japanese anime cg style' then study it. Shouldn't take longer than a week.
3. Find the following reference material online (characters from):
- Pirates of the Carribean (just Jack Sparrow and Legolas.. whatever)
- Harry Potter.
- Naruto.
- Kingdom Hearts 2.
4. Draw an excessive amount of innocent anime style fanart of all the big characters.
5. Eventually put them in Yaoi situations. Name the drawings: 'Sasuke X Naruto'.. or .. 'Roxas X Axel'.. etc.

That's it!
Keep this up for a while .. after a few months you'll have over 1 million pageviews and a huge fanbase.
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Ochiba's oekaki thingie is back up.. and better than ever.
Everything there is of such high quality.. just check this out for one:

For those who miss oekaki'ing please do at least one doodle there.
For those who have never tried it, please try :)

Ochiba's board is the best oekaki board online right now by far. And I know my oekaki boards =o=;;

go or die.. well.. die eventually.. don't blame me when you do >;/
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I actually still check dA now and then but haven't been checking out any deviations of yours because I've been a little busy.

The last photo you see in my gallery is actually the last photo I've taken. Both my camera and tablet are collecting dust.
People that have known me for a while know this is a normal thing I do.
It's not that I like huge creative gaps.. it's just something that happens.

However I will be checking out every deviation from now on, I promise! ;D ;D
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Desperately looking for a good or private ftp server to download new (or not so new) PC games from.

I'm getting a new pc in a few days and torrents just aren't cutting it.

Send me a note if you don't wish to share the ftp info here.
Thank you!!
K .. so .. uh.. I dunno WHAT happened.. but look.

click for screenshot
click for link to 800 million photo

Another photo of mine suddenly got 4000 more views, nice ;D ;D
Not that I'm unhappy with the sudden change of stats in my gallery, but it's kinda weird.

Oh also.. the sketch thing is closed cuz like I'm waaaay busy n stuff. Here's the lineup~

1. themeanypoet - her original hawt character Eupathia. !!DONE!!
2. stained-glass - another awesome original character to do!! yay :D
3. protectprotect - a talking humbug. WTF :D :D
4. Kukuri - my parents' old cat Helmi playing Guitar Hero, sounds fun ;D ;D
5. redclover77 - CLOUD... uhmmm.. yay D: ... (it'll suck)
6. jambi - random .. should be fun D;
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So like because I wanted ~themeanypoet to draw me MY CAT :D I gotta do 10 I mean 6 sketches now. D; D;

There's a catch!!
So basically when you request something off me you'll have to post the same thing in your dA journal (i will check, bastards!! :D)
You can request anything at all. Type up a small description for your sketch and I'll see what I can do.
Keep in mind it'll probably be under 10 or 15 minutes each and it'll look absolutely horrible.

I'll also try to finish them as soon as I can so hopefully you won't have to wait too long.
Most (or all) of them will probably be done at on the scratch pad.

Your name will be added on this list here~

1. themeanypoet - her original hawt character Eupathia. i'm so good at drawing chicks so this'll look awesome *extreme fear of sucking*
2. stained-glass - another awesome original character to do!! yay :D
3. protectprotect - a talking humbug. WTF :D :D
4. Kukuri - my parents' old cat Helmi playing Guitar Hero, sounds fun ;D ;D
5. redclover77 - CLOUD... uhmmm.. yay D: ... (it'll suck)
6. jambi - random .. should be fun D;


Yea I close it early.. bla blah what can you say? ;D ;D
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Little update!

- I won 2nd prize in the Guitar Hero contest I was talking about earlier. :D
- Might get a job at EB games finally so like... I'll get to talk about games all day long *geekdrool*
- Bought a DS Lite, it's so yummy.
- Wow that was all about games, how sad.

Oh and I might be getting a Canon 5D uh... kinda soon, hopefully this year.. .. or like within the next 10 years.. haha :D
Just gotta save up 2000 something bucks now cuz that's how much it is. :)
I really want to shoot at night! Hiding in the bushes n shit, haha.
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So like I'm getting the feeling art thieves on dA are pretty much an okay thing. Especially if they're paying members.
Or is dA staff just THAT slow at things?

Lets start with person #1, the most obvious one I found.

This guy obviously just grabs any porn pic and makes it b/w.. THE SKILLS... !!
I kinda said something about that and he called me mean things on my page, the meanie :D
Then I noticed lots of other people saying the same stuff.
This guy has been thieving since friggen 2002, and he's still around. *confused*

Okay, person #2.

This guy (don't think it's a she) received a daily deviation which kinda caught my attention.
Thing is.. I'VE SEEN THAT FREAKIN PHOTO SOMEWHERE, except without the frame and maybe with colours.
I've actually got proof of another photo stolen in his gallery. Lets have a look at that :D
original, IN FULL COLOUR YAY:…
...okay so I like reported that like more than a week ago and admins/mods didn't do anything about it.. you will probably notice my kind comment about the mods there.

I'm pretty happy about the reaction of that person though cuz it was kinda funny mainly.
This is from a note sent to me.. :

"Just like me , a deviant , who paid to be a deviant here but u don't have my RESPECT as a deviant . U KNOW WHY . Do i know you ? I am afraid not . Let us be frank , how many deviant here have works that not belong to them ? I know many of them but never did i comment anything about it , why should i ? Check my gallery and how many works belong to mine and not ? Do i have to prove u anything ? Bomb those comment on my deviantion and user page , trying to show what ? I've been here at DA for sometime and pls tell me , what sort of deviant do we have here ? Did i earn any $$$ from those works ? I DON'T but like you , i paid to be here ! I am still shock that there's someone like you trying to be a HERO , telling deviant that this or that don't belong to whatsoever or "pls leave DA" oh... you behave like a GOD ! Sent me reply note or carry on with yr comment openly to tell deviant any thing on my userpage , GOD ! Remember , this GREAT SITE DON'T OWN BY YOU AND START BARKING AROUND AND WANT OTHERS OUT !!! Anywhere , i've contact the admin here and will leave everything to them . If u still see me here , so sorry . If not , then i am out for good ."

That made no sense.
Check out his sad journal entry too, it's kinda funny. :(

Anyway, talk about your opinion on art thieves in dA ... I'm sure it's a fun subject :D
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Alright so uh... I have no idea how I got all those views.. But I must say I'm REALLY REALLY happy with the way things have been going since I joined here. :D :D
Getting a Daily Deviation is awesome ;o; !! (check featured, i've put it there)
I'm more motivated than ever to perform even better with my photography.

There's a Guitar Hero contest at my local shopping centre tomorrow. I'm so gonna beat all those damn asian kids =o=;;;
It'll be kinda sad if I lose.
Cuz like I'm old .. and stuff.

We bought a new Tv and Dvd player.. I can finally watch One Piece again. (divx, comp too slow.. suck).
I thought the new Tv we bought was broken, hauled it all the way back with my roommate and gf's brother. Then we brought the exact same one back.
At least we stole one of their stupid huge trolley things. :/

I'm addicted to The King of Fighters XI now. :D :D
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Hey uh I'm trying out the new functions... I bet it's not worth the 10 bucks... not that I could've done anything GOOD with 10 bucks

Can you think of anything I could do with 10 bucks? WELL ITS MY MONEY SO STAY OUT OF IT :(

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Check out the scraps section.
Pretty much 90% of the stuff I draw will probably go there since PIECES OF SHIT BELONG THERE D: !!!!!

Anyway, go look. Santa